TalkAware™ instantly lets your friends, co-workers, and family know you're using voice-to-text, so they forgive you for those awkward mistakes it makes you send. Just install the FREE app, and every time you use voice-to-text, it automatically lets them know.


Do I need a subscription to use TalkAware™?

No, not for regular end users. TalkAware™ is free with limited or no advertisements to everyone. There will be a future release for businesses requesting a subscription model. More information about the release will be provided later.

Does TalkAware™ record my voice?

No. TalkAware™ is a dictation tool, not a voice recorder. It only recognizes your speech pattern.

Does the app offer language preferences?

Yes. Since TalkAware™ works with the software already on your mobile phone, it is used with any language that your device can understand.

Can I activate the app with my voice?

No. TalkAware™ hasn’t added support for Siri at this time but is exploring that option. Currently, you can only command Siri to open the TalkAware app itself but you cannot command Siri to send a message using the TalkAware™ extension.

What is the difference between TalkAware™ and my actual voice recognizer?

TalkAware™ doesn’t replace your phone’s default voice recognizer but uses it as an aid. TalkAware™ notifies your contacts or message recipient that you’re using voice recognition, so excuse any mistakes that the voice recognizer may make in the delivered text message.

Is this able to write punctuation marks without mentioning it?

No. TalkAware™ supports your phone’s voice recognition and messaging system. So if your phone doesn’t have an auto punctuation feature, TalkAware™™ doesn’t support it. However, you can command your message system to add punctuation just by saying “period”, “question mark,” etc.

Do you recommend this for veterans with manual disabilities? ?

Absolutely. TalkAware™ is perfect for people who have difficulties with typing or even with speech. The logo not only preemptivly alerts the recipent that there may be mistakes but also tells them that you used your voice to create the message.

How does TalkAware™ differ from other speech-to-text apps?

TalkAware™ appends a logo alert to each new computer-generated text message, symbolizing that the text message is created by voice dictation and that miscommunication might result from the computer’s text generation.

Initially, when users download and setup the app, they’ll have the option to alert their contacts to what the TalkAware™ logo means on incoming messages. If they opt in, the following alert displays to the contact:

"Hey John, I've started using TalkAware™. If you see this symbol below, it lets you know I am using Voice Recognition. Find out more at"

Is there a charge to download this app to my mobile phone?

No. TalkAware™ is a free app.

TalkAware™ is available in what mobile app formats?

TalkAware™ is currently available for iOS Smart Phones, but a version for android will be coming very soon!

Will my intended recipients need TalkAware™ to receive my speech-to-text messages?

No, the app works as a keyboard extension in iOS and not in place of the default messaging app. However, it does operate as a standalone messaging app only on android devices, but your text recipients do not need TalkAware™ to receive your messages.

How fast is the message delivery once created?

The message delivery is as fast as the service app allows.

Does TalkAware™ offer message blocking?

TalkAware™ does not allow blocking right now.

Will TalkAware™ recognize my phone contacts?

Yes, contacts saved in your phone are automatically recognized when you send the initial notice to them. When you first load the app, you have the option to send an alert notifying your contacts that you are using TalkAware™ and what its logo means.