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TalkAware™ instantly lets your friends, co-workers, and family know you're using voice-to-text, so they forgive you for those awkward mistakes it makes you send. Just install the FREE app, and every time you use voice-to-text, it automatically lets them know.
How TalkAware™ works

Have you ever sent someone an "awkward" message because of voice dictation? Yep. It's happened to us too. Many times...

But what if every voice-to-text message you sent was paired with an icon that instantly told your recipients, using voice-to-text, please forgive any weird mistakes!" That's exactly what TalkAware™ does. Our little icon automatically inserts itself into your speech-to-text messages, so you avoid costly (and funny) mistakes.

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One symbol can make your life
very simple.

Thank you TalkAware™!